Our Company

Our company offers experienced instructors to give the class very informative information.

Our instructors have knowledge and experience in highway and traffic laws.


The Basic course is a 6 hr. course and you can get a 10% discount

Also, we teach the Advanced/Refresher course which is a 3 hr. course and get a 15% discount.

Your certificate is good for 3 years.

We offer Defensive Driving to businesses and companies needing their drivers with more road experience and a discount on insurance.

Call us for a discounted rate for 20 or more attendees.

We will come to your facility!

Teaching Sites

We are now partners with and teach at 2 of the DelTech Community Colleges in Delaware.

Check our Class Schedule for dates and times

*Stanton Campus

400 Stanton Christiana Rd.

Newark, DE 19713

*Dover, (Charles L. Terry Campus)

100 Campus Drive

Dover, DE 19904

Our Company

We have very experienced instructors teaching our classes and they won’t disappoint.

Classroom Promise

We guarantee you will be very happy you attended one of our classes and walk away with more knowledge of road rules and useful driving tips.

Seat Belts

Always wear seat belts and put children in car seats.


Be attentive while driving


Texting is illegal in most states. Put your phone down.